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Practicing Good Conservation Area Stewardship

When visiting a conservation area in Eden Prairie, it is important to remember that the trails created by the Parks Department are to protect the sensitive plants and wildlife in the area. Unlike a developed park with recreational spaces, conservation areas are meant to protect and preserve. Therefore, we encourage you to be a good steward when you visit a conservation area.

  • Conservation areas are for hikers and leashed dogs only. For a list of mountain biking trails in the area, visit MTB Project
  • Use the Boot Brush Stations available at park trail entrances before and after hiking. This helps reduce the spread of invasive species.
  • Plan ahead by reviewing a park trail map.
  • Stay on the trail. Many parks offer open fields for walking through, but in conservation areas it is important to stay on the path.
  • Certain conservation areas allow for geocaching within 25 feet of the trail. Please step carefully if you are searching for a geocache. There are many tender native plants in our conservation areas.
  • There are several rare and protected plants in Eden Prairie conservation areas. Please help us by keeping the locations of these plants private, in order to prevent plant theft.

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